The first players to reach level 99 on any of the following classes will be rewarded:

[Expended Classes]
- Super Novice
- Gunslinger
- Ninja
- Taekwon
- Star Gladiator
- Soul Linker

[Transcendent Classes]
- Lord Knight
- Paladin
- Assassin Cross
- Stalker
- Sniper
- Gypsy or Clown
- Wizard
- Proffessor
- High Priest
- Champion
- Whitesmith
- Creator


1x old card album
1x Gym Pass Box
1x Boarding Halter 30 Days Box
5x Light White Potion Box

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I win in more than 1 class?
A: No. With the repeatable EXP quests enabled, it's not fair to win in multiple classes.

Q: How do I get my reward?
A: Just post a screenshot of your character in the forum or PM any of the staff on Discord and we will deliver your rewards.

Q: How do I know which classes have already won?
A: We will strike through the class names above as they win, so you can just come back here and see.

Q: How do I know other players progress?
A: You can see that on the rankings page:

Q: When will the event end?
A: Until we have a level 99 of each class.


We wish you the best of luck!

KaiRO Staff

Author Kai
Published 09-07-2021