• Ohgodnotagain

    I've been meaning to bring this up for a while but i've noticed as the title says the map, minimap, and navigation features don't seem (for me) to accurately reflect many game maps and locations. I'm not sure if this could be an issue with files not updating properly on my side or if this is server side. 


    Mobs - an easy example is right now i'm on Yuno Field 4, in game map indicates harpies and goats, actual mobs are drops/poring/archangeling etc


    Npcs - Minimap and navigation often lead to wrong locations such as Kafra in Izlude, navigation and minimap indicate N of town square, in reality NPC is south of town square. Several NPCs on the alberta port seem to be in the water. Brasil Sailor is MIA for me. 


    Unrelated QoL, a basic tool vendor in Morroc would be lovely. 

    Staff Kai

    Thank you for bringing this up to our attention right before the scheduled update. It will be fixed as part of the update in the next few days before the end of month. We'll add the tool vendor in Morroc as well 😉

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