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    There seem to be some new changes to the homunculus system I have not seen before : 

    Changes Include : 

    - Autofeeding

    - Homunculus gets 10% exp. from owner 

    - Homunculus does not auto-attack (Not even defends itself or its owner when attacked) 


    And also : 

    - Skill cooldowns are no longer reset after teleporting

    at the moment I have a Lif so if this feature is not coming, please just delete the Lif. It's entire existence is based on being able to tp and cast emergency avoid / mental change again. 

    As I've read it is one of the newer patches that introduced this system. 

    I was wondering if these changes were intentional or not. Will these changes be fixed to the original system or will it stay like this? 

    Quite a deciding factor for me so i know wheter or not to press the delete button on the lif/alche and not spend money on pet food .


    yours truly,

    A worried father

    Staff Kai


    This wasn't intentional, it's just how the homunculus system currently is. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Whether we will revert it back or not will depend totally on the opinion of the majority of alchemists, but it won't be happening soon.

    I'm guessing your main problem now is with the skills cooldown; What we can do quickly about that is 'make the homunculus skills cooldown reset after the humuncolus is vaporized'. Let me know if that would be useful to you so I make the change immediately and let you know.

    Thank you


    That temporary fix with vaporize would certainly save my lif from the garbage can and would be most welcome! 

    Good to know that it is open for discussion. 



    Staff Kai

    Hi Poesje.

    It's done 👍

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