• Shadowz

    at least warper to first-floor dungeon, less player would play server without warper nowadays

    Staff Kai

    Hi Shadowz. This subject was actually brought up on Discord just some days ago with more opinions against the warper arguing that teleporting with Kafra is nostalgic and the use of the navigation system already makes moving around easier.

    But I'm happy to hear more opinions on this and I thank you for sharing yours.

    Note that when you teleport with Kafra to Prontera, it teleports you to the center where most payers are, instead of the default teleport point at the bottom, so there is that little tweak for players' convenience.

    An other thing is that you can /memo in all field maps unlike the latest iRO change to /memo that disabled it on a couple dozen field maps.


    Yes, it's true teleport using kafra are more nostalgic and less custom, but in the end, trust me it will not attract players to stay,  but it just my point of view, base on my 20 years of playing private server. Thank you for your response.


    I have definitely the same opinion as Shadowz. 

    It'sa low rate server, so its hard enough doing something. A Warper (maybe just to dungeons lv 1 / all duns without mvp on the map) and fields would be nice. 

    Strange thing, you come out of novice playground with almost lvl 30/6 for killing a poring.....

    Staff Kai

    Thank you for sharing your opinion guys.

    After some consideration, @go command is now enabled with the cost of 5000 zeny per use.

    Warp Portal skill is already modified to have all field maps memoable so warping to level 1 dungeons is kind of already covered.

    Stormy, the exp you receive from all quests in game is 7x, so that explains the level 30/6 from the training ground.

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